Making the Best Use of ASM’s Ferrous Recycling Services

Copper wiresYou know you’ve been there—we all have. Piles of metal scraps heaped up everywhere. You know something needs to be done about it all, but you’re not quite sure about how to get rid of it, let alone get rid of it ethically in a way that supports our environment. That’s where ASM steps in.

We specialize in recycling all sorts of industrial metal, and we’re happy to announce we’re now accepting ferrous metals. Which is a huge win for both you and us. But just what exactly are ferrous metals?

Basically, ferrous metals are metals that contain any amount of iron. Iron is a sturdy material and is added to a variety of metal blends to enhance their strength. These blends can include cast iron, wrought iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, among plenty of others. A good key identifier of if your metal blends contain iron is if they rust. However, it’s important to note some blends like stainless steel and wrought iron are resistant to rust, making them tricky to pick out. Another good key identifier is magnetic attraction. If a magnet sticks to it, it’s usually got an iron base in there somewhere.

Don’t know exactly what you have in your mix? No worries! The team of knowledgeable experts at ASM Recycling will happily sift through your industrial metals to help you determine what sorts of metals you have. Not only that, but we’ll give you the best customer service and local pricing in the entire region. Go ahead and give us a call at 251-470-0765 so we can get you cleaned up and squared away.

And, as usual, we recycle a whole host of other commercial cast-off products including non-ferrous and electronic materials: construction scrap metal, piles of old and outdated computers, shavings, bits and pieces, odds and ends, and more. If it’s in the way or causing you an eyesore, we’re here to help. Moreover, the scraps you don’t need have monetary value that you do want! Each commercial material is paid for based on current market value, so you stand to earn back as you clean things up. Talk about a win-win! We believe it shouldn’t be a challenge to take care of our environment. As such, we never charge you pick-up or hauling fees. With services stretching from Mobile across the Gulf Coast region, we’re the clear first-choice for all your commercial recycling needs.

Make the choice that’s good for your company and good for our earth. Click here to contact us today.