ASM Recycling: The cleanup crew that works for you

Truck with metal scrap

Construction is messy. Heaps of scrap metal pile up faster than you’d imagine. Sure, the construction process is exciting. But demo can leave you with a heap of headache on your hands because no one wants to talk about a key part of the process: cleanup.

Cleanup can be complicated if you don’t have the right tools and resources. Fortunately, ASM Recycling has both, and we’re ready to work for you. Metal recycling is good for the environment, but ultimately, it’s a savvy business decision. Tariffs on metals from other countries drive the cost of materials up, which gouge into your pocket during the building process. We’re here to help you reclaim some of that cost on the back end and help keep market rates down by recycling those metals back into circulation.

Using our services means you contribute metal back into the industry, helping keep material costs low while at the same time turning a profit from your piles of cast-off scraps. Plus, participating in the recycling process means you’re ensuring labor and jobs for others in the market. Talk about a win-win-win.

As a locally owned and operated organization, the ASM Recycling team takes pride in our customer service and competitive pricing. Our years of experience make our process as simple and efficient for our customers as possible. There’s no guesswork with us—only dependable and timely services.

So, don’t send your piles to the landfill, and don’t lose your dollars to haulers who will sell out from under you. Work with us and make money off your scrap metal while keeping things neat and eco-friendly. We’re just a phone call away at 251-470-0765. Or you can drop us a line by clicking here today!.