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Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycled - Mobile, AL - ASM RecyclingIn recent years, the number of household electronics ending up in landfills has ballooned at a dangerous rate. Unfortunately, many electronics contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals that can leach into surrounding ground water supplies when left in landfills. As a result, the recycling industry has been working overtime to develop new techniques for recycling all manner of household electronics today. ASM Recycling, Inc. aims to be a part of the solution by adding full-scale electronics recycling capabilities to our facility.

In 2011 alone, more than 4.4 million tons of electronics were successfully recycled. Once they are collected, they are tested for functionality to determine if they can be refurbished or reused. If so, they are removed from the scrap stream. Many of these products remain in active use in the US. However, working electronics make up only a small percentage of the total being recycled today. Those not in working order, or easily refurbished, are sent downstream to be demolished.

During this process, the electronic devices are separated into a variety of basic materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Precious
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • And more

These raw materials are then sold to manufacturers who use them to create new goods, oftentimes going back into new electronics or other manufacturing areas.

What We Accept

ASM Recycling, Inc is now accepting all forms of electronic scrap to be part of our electronics recycling program. We have our sights set on the future, and we are working closely with others in the industry to set a standard that will keep as much electronic scrap out of the scrap stream as possible. We are enhancing our recycling equipment and techniques to improve our harvest rate and minimize the amount of heavy metals that make their way into the surrounding landfills.

We are happy to accept a wide range of electronics, including:

  • PC Towers and laptops
  • Power supplies
  • Servers
  • Hard drives
  • Circuit boards
  • Cell phones
  • And more

These are the kinds of consumer electronics that are being produced at an ever faster rate and which are often tossed away without regard for the harmful effects they have on the environment. When you bring us these recyclables you help us save the world, one circuit board at a time. For More information, contact us today.