What Is Commercial Recycling and Why Is It So Important?


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Commercial recycling typically focuses on reclamation of scrap metals from industries and businesses. The stamping or tooling of various metals including steel, aluminum and copper in different sectors produces scrap which is pure and relatively clean compared to post-consumer scrap such as food cans and aluminum foils. This scrap, if collected and recycled, can be used to produce metals that can be safely reintroduced to the market.


Just like any other types of recycling, commercial recycling comes with a number of environmental and other benefits;

  • Environmental benefits: By participating in commercial recycling, you’ll be reducing the amount of scrap you send to landfills. In addition, recycling contributes towards preservation of natural sources of metals.
  • Reduced business costs: Commercial scrap recycling also leads to reduced scrap disposal costs, allowing you to focus spending on income-generating aspects of the business. Plus, given that commercial recyclers such as ASM Recycling provide pick-up, you’ll save time.
  • Good for business image: World over, people realize that they need to play their part in protecting the environment. To this end, many consumers are choosing to do business with companies that utilize recycled materials and at the same time recycle their scrap.

What We Do NOT Accept

ASM Recycling provides commercial recycling, which focuses on reclamation of scrap metals from industries and businesses. Almost all metals are recyclable and we offer top dollar for a variety of metal scrap. We accept most types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, and a wide range of electronics or e-waste, but we don’t accept items that pose a health or safety hazard. We do NOT accept anything dangerous, including any combustible, explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive or toxic materials, or anything marked HAZMAT. We also do NOT accept TVs, printers, monitors, batteries and keyboards.

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