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Prompt and Efficient Industrial Recycling in Mobile, AL

ASM recycling has strong ties to local businesses in Mobile and Baldwin County and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We run an efficient and customer-oriented scrap metal recycling program, specializing in non-ferrous metals. Our industrial recycling program also includes electronic recycling, material processing equipment, and pickup services for convenience. No business is too big for us to handle, and every pick-up is free.

We are confident that once you switch to ASM recycling, you won’t ever consider switching again. Our community-based service is perfect for companies. Also, you will be participating in a program that benefits the environment, and the Alabama economy. Contact us today and sign up for a quote.

Metal Recycling

Non-ferrous metals do not degrade, meaning that they can be endlessly recycled. By keeping them out of the landfill, ASM recycling contributes to helping the environment as well as supporting the metal industry. These metals include aluminum, brass, copper, lead, nickel, tin, stainless steel, and zinc. We are an instrumental step in getting these metals into secondary consumers who use the metal to make new, energy-efficient products. Ferrous metals, or scrap metals, are the most commonly recycled metal. These metals contain mostly iron. We can also do free pick-ups for all products.

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