Environmental Benefits


Scrap Cable WiresServing Mobile and Baldwin counties, as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast, ASM Recycling, Inc. is devoted to environmental protection. Specializing in the recycling of nonferrous metals in the industrial sector, our metal recycling company offers community-based services that strike a balance between economic development and maintenance of the environment. To learn more about metal recycling benefits or to schedule a free pickup, contact ASM Recycling, Inc. today.

Metal Recycling Benefits

Unlike ferrous metals, nonferrous metals do not degrade, allowing them to be processed and recycled time and time again. By keeping them out of the landfill, ASM Recycling, Inc. helps get these metals to secondary consumers – who’ll proceed to use the materials in the manufacture of new, energy-efficient products. Besides saving natural resources, recycling metal also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Based in Mobile, AL, our commercial scrap metal recycling center takes all necessary precautions to ensure that proper consideration is given to the care of air, land, water and natural resources throughout each phase of the recycling process. To remain consistent with the principles of sustainable development and ensure compliance with all environmental laws, we aim to:

  • Progressively establish and maintain environmental standards of operation
  • Develop strategies to reduce, reuse or recycle scrap products for more efficient use of energy and other resources
  • Ensure our suppliers of material are aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to our business
  • Affirm our consuming facilities take reasonable care by requesting SREA reports on an annual basis

Schedule a Free Pickup

With competitive pricing, ASM Recycling, Inc. offers you the best value for your industrial scrap metal, and best of all, every pickup is free. Call us today at 251-470-0765 to schedule a pickup, and join us in our effort to protect the environment.

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