Metal Scrap We Accept at ASM Recycling


scrap metal
Almost all metal is recyclable, and ASM Recycling in Mobile, Alabama, recycles it all. Scrap metal is one of the most valuable products your business can recycle. Scrap metal is classified as ferrous or nonferrous. It’s important you know the difference for quicker separation and faster recycling service. We offer timely, reliable metal recycling services for commercial organizations in Mobile and the surrounding Gulf coast area, as well as towards Montgomery.

Ferrous Metal Scrap

Ferrous metals include magnetic metals, specifically iron and iron alloy metals. Iron and steel are the most common ferrous metals. Naturally occurring iron can be mined, but mining isn’t easy and it’s much cheaper to recycle. Iron combined with carbon creates steel, which is one of the most used building materials worldwide. Iron and steel can be recycled numerous times to create new objects. Ferrous scrap comes from various sources like:

  • Used construction beams, rebar, pipes, tubes, plates and wiring
  • Railroad scrap, including train rails and old railcars
  • Mill scrap from primary processing
  • Naval scrap
  • Machine parts
  • Miscellaneous industrial scrap
  • Demolition scrap

Nonferrous Metal Scrap

Nonferrous metals aren’t magnetic and don’t contain any significant amount of iron. While we take both ferrous and nonferrous metals, we specialize in recycling nonferrous metals in the industrial sector. These metals can be recycled indefinitely without any significant degree of degradation. Aluminum is the most commonly recycled nonferrous metal. Other common forms of nonferrous metal include brass, copper, lead, nickel, stainless steel, tin, zinc, and several lesser known metals. Major sources of nonferrous scrap include new or industrial scrap and obsolete scrap like:

  • Copper pipes and tubes
  • Zinc from die-cast alloys
  • Brass from valve, lock or plumbing fixture manufacturing
  • Aluminum building siding, gutters and piping
  • Nonferrous automotive and naval scrap
  • Miscellaneous scrap
  • HVAC scrap coils and sheet metal
  • Scrap electrical copper
  • Machine shop turnings and droppings

Alabama’s Go-to Recycling Center

We offer metal recycling services to commercial and industrial customers in Mobile and Baldwin counties and throughout Coastal Mississippi. Besides ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap, we also recycle electronics. We offer superior service and competitive pricing through our free pickup service and our commercial scrap metal recycling center. For more information about how we can help with all your business’ recycling needs, contact us at 251-470-0765 today!