Types of industrial metal recycling


Industrial recycling – ASM RecyclingThere are a few distinct categories of industrial recycling to consider when looking at services; two encompass different types of general scrap metal, while the third covers electronics—not necessarily metal, but usually containing metal components.

Ferrous metal

Ferrous metals are metals which attract magnets. This usually means iron and iron-containing alloys such as steel, but can include various other metals. These usually are less valuable than similar volumes of non-ferrous metals, but they’re also more common.


Metals which do not attract magnets fall into the non-ferrous metal category. This includes elements and alloys including lead, nickel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and many others. Because these metals do not degrade over time in the same way ferrous metals do, they retain more value over multiple instances of recycling.


Electronics recycling is critical to any company worried about its environmental impact, due to the presence of harsh chemicals and dangerous heavy metals in many electronics. During the electronic recycling process, electronics are typically broken down into an assortment of raw materials and waste products which are then recycled or disposed of safely.

There’s value in being able to point to industrial recycling as a key component of the way you do business. Customers like to know they’re not contributing overmuch to environmental problems, while investors and partners will appreciate the cost efficiency.

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