Benefits Of Non Ferrous Metal Recycling


Chrome Recycle SymbolASM Recycling in Mobile, Alabama, recycles all types of scrap metal but specializes in nonferrous metals gleaned from a variety of industries. Nonferrous metals can be recycled repeatedly without significant degradation, which means they retain their value throughout an almost limitless life cycle. Recycling your nonferrous metal offers numerous environmental benefits as well as economic perks for your company

What Are Nonferrous Metals? 

Nonferrous metals are any nonmagnetic metals that don’t contain a measurable amount of iron. Aluminum is the most common nonferrous metal, but others include brass, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc. Precious metals, such as platinum, silver and gold, and exotic metals, including cobalt and tungsten, are also nonferrous. Major nonferrous scrap sources include industrial and obsolete scrap.

Environmental Benefits 

When recycled, nonferrous metals can be safely reintroduced into the market as is or utilized in the creation of new products, which reduces the need for raw materials. Other environmental benefits include reducing landfill waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling is also an environmentally responsible practice that promotes a positive business image that many consumers respect. Eco-conscious community members often show their admiration for companies that recycle and/or use recycled materials by choosing to do business with them over competitors who don’t.

Economic Benefits 

Nonferrous metals are highly valuable because we can process and recycle them an infinite number of times. Although nonferrous scrap makes up less than 10 percent of the tonnage of recycled materials, it accounted for more than 50 percent of the earnings in the U.S. scrap recycling industry in 2017. We offer top dollar for nonferrous scrap metals, so our customers receive the best value for their materials. You’ll enjoy a new revenue stream for your company while reducing your scrap disposal expenses. With our free pickup and hauling services, you’ll also save time and money on labor costs.

We Recycle Your Nonferrous Metals 

Customer satisfaction is our top goal, so we strive to make recycling as easy as possible. When you want to explore the benefits of recycling your nonferrous metal, we’ll gladly go over all the economic and environmental impacts with you. Our service area spans 150 miles throughout southern Alabama and the surrounding Mississippi Gulf Coast. Contact Bonner Williams at 251-470-0765 to learn more about our recycling program, competitive pricing and free pickup services today.