Why You Should Recycle


Metal Wheel Concept Recycle Reduce Reuse

ASM Recycling in Mobile, Alabama, is committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. Recycling your scrap metal with us helps accomplish these tasks. We service industrial clients throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and help companies understand the importance of recycling.

Environmental Benefits Of Recycling 

Metal scrap and other scrap has a huge negative impact on the environment. Recycling provides numerous environmental benefits.

  • When your business participates in commercial recycling, you’ll be reducing the amount of scrap scrap you send to landfills. This helps cut down on pollution, including harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases that build up in landfill sites.
  • When your scrap metal is collected and recycled, it can be safety reintroduced into the market or used to create new products. Thus, recycling also conserves natural resources and reduces the need for raw materials.
  • Recycling also saves energy. Recycling used steel uses less energy than refining new iron ore.
  • Recycling your company’s obsolete or broken computer and electronic devices keeps harmful chemicals and heavy metals out of landfills, which can leach into the environment.

Other Benefits Of Recycling 

Besides the positive impact your recycling has on the environment, commercial recycling also comes with numerous other benefits that directly affect your company’s bottom line and public image.

  • Commercial scrap recycling reduces your business’ expenses by reducing scrap disposal costs, which allows you to focus spending on income-generating endeavors.
  • We pay top prices for all your industrial scrap, which generates extra income for your business.
  • We also offer free pickup and hauling services, which save you time and money on labor costs.
  • Recycling is also good for your business’ image, because it shows you’re environmentally responsible. Many consumers choose businesses that not only use recycled materials but also recycle their scrap scrap.

Our Commitment To The Environment

ASM’s commercial scrap metal recycling center takes all necessary precautions to ensure responsible consideration of the air, land and water throughout each phase of the recycling process. We constantly enhance our recycling equipment and techniques to improve our methods and minimize the amount of heavy metals that end up in landfills. We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible and always dispose of unusable scrap materials safely and appropriately.

If your business needs recycling service for your ferrous or nonferrous metals or computer or electronics scrap, contact Bonner Williams at 251-470-0765251-470-0765 for more information about our free pickup services and competitive pricing.