The Many Benefits of Industrial Copper Recycling

a bunch of copper wiresScrap recycling has a huge economic impact, generating more than $109 billion every year and employing some half a million people, but the benefits of industrial copper recycling propel that impact even further. In addition to being long-lasting and durable enough to be reused again and again, copper is prime material for recycling. For businesses eager to “do their part” for the environment as well as their community and their own brand, ASM Recycling, Inc. offers a chance to turn old copper into something new.

Protecting The Existing Copper Supply

Few people living in the 21st century are unaware of the many perks that come with recycling, but finding ways to reuse copper is especially important given its status as a limited resource. While it’s possible to plant more trees and produce more paper, for example, copper is nonrenewable — once the existing reserves are gone, they’re gone. A staggering 99% of copper production in the United States originates in one of just 20 mines. Protecting those mines through recycling could help ensure access to this valuable metal for generations upon generations down the line.

Safeguarding The Environment

Copper that isn’t recycled is thrown away. With scrap metal clogging garbage bins and adding to the mountains of detritus, everyday life already contributes to landfills, the environmental impact is significant. Recycling copper interrupts that cycle, but it also conserves in other ways. The method used to recycle copper utilizes as much as 90% less energy than converting virgin ore into new copper. In fact, copper recycling is so efficient some experts believe it could be a smarter, more sustainable alternative to plastic and glass components that are far less eco-friendly. As a bonus, copper can be recycled over and over without degrading, adding to quality and longevity.

There are also issues of air quality, emissions, and scrap. Copper refining is a dirty process. Not only does it release gases and dust that can be toxic, mining, and smelting leave behind unusable solids that must be disposed of.

Industrial Copper Recycling Makes The Most Of Pre-Owned Goods

As the market for industrial scrap grows, it’s crucial to understand where used copper can be found and salvaged — and some sources may be surprising.

  • Plumbing
  • Building wire
  • Hardware
  • Electric motors
  • Extension cords
  • Roofing accents

The average home contains an impressive 400 pounds of copper, making renovations and demolitions wonderful sources for copper scrap. From the biggest slabs of piping to the smallest bits of reclaimed wire, copper of all shapes and sizes can be given new life through recycling.

Sign Up For Copper Recycling

Recycled copper already accounts for about 95% of the copper used in the United States. To help support that trend, it’s vital businesses participate in salvaging and recycling efforts. At ASM Recycling, Inc., we specialize in scrap metal recycling, including ferrous and nonferrous metals. We know that convenience is key; schedule your service, and we’ll pick up your materials, leaving you free to concentrate on other tasks, all while knowing you’re contributing to the greater good. We’re on time, priced competitively, and ready to help you economize your revenue streams to make recycling as profitable and efficient as possible.

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