Steel Scrap Recycling In Mobile, Alabama


Metal Wheel Recycle

ASM Recycling offers steel recycling services to commercial and industrial customers throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Recycling ensures the responsible management of your steel scrap and other materials. Our reliable scrap steel pickup and hauling services can solve your company’s recycling challenges by providing a safe method to haul your steel scrap away while earning you top dollar for each load.

Recycling Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals attract magnets, with the most common being iron and steel. Ferrous metals are less valuable than nonferrous metals, but steel is one of the most used building materials worldwide, making it plentiful. Recyclable steel includes:

  • Industrial scrap
  • Rebar or construction beams
  • Train rails
  • Home appliances
  • Automotive scrap
  • Shipyard scrap
  • Scrap from machine shops


We accept all types of steel and other ferrous metals for recycling, as long as it doesn’t pose a health or safety hazard. Old vehicles, appliances and construction materials make up the majority of recycled steel materials, but steel cans and containers can also be recycled.

Why Recycle Steel?

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world, with over 60 million metric tons being recycled annually. It’s also one of the most widely used materials over a variety of industries. Collecting and recycling scrap steel allows it to be reintroduced into the market or used to create new products. This helps conserve raw materials. Recycling also requires less energy than mining, which helps make end products less expensive for consumers.

Steel recycling reduces your business’ scrap metal disposal costs, which saves your company money. Our extensive network of export and domestic mills allows us to offer the most competitive pricing for all your ferrous metals, which generates extra income for your business. Our free pickup service also saves you time and money on labor costs.

It’s important to recycle steel and other ferrous metals to keep them out of landfills. Recycling also improves public opinion of your business, because it shows you’re environmentally responsible. Many consumers prefer businesses that not only use recycled materials but also recycle.

Schedule Steel Scrap Recycling Service

Our service area spans 150 miles, but you can also drop off your steel scrap. Our commercial scrap metal recycling center at 2751 McKinney Street in Mobile is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Contact us to learn how we can help meet your recycling needs, or call Bonner Williams at 251-470-0765251-470-0765 for more information about our steel pickup services and pricing.