Recycling Scrap Metal In Mobile And Baldwin Counties


scrap metalScrap metal is one of the most valuable products your business can recycle, and ASM Recycling can help. Based in Mobile, Alabama, we service commercial and industrial clients throughout Southern Alabama and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We offer top prices for your scrap metal recyclables and help companies understand the importance of recycling.

Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal recycling reduces your business’s scrap metal disposal costs, which saves you money. We have an extensive network of export and domestic mills, which allows us to offer the most competitive pricing possible for your scrap. This generates extra income for your business, and our free pickup service saves time and money on labor costs.

Recycling is also good for your business image because it shows you’re being environmentally responsible. Many industries produce pure, relatively clean scrap when compared to post-consumer scrap. When recycled, your scrap metal can be safely reintroduced into the market or used to create new products, keeping it out of landfills. Many consumers choose businesses that recycle and use recycled materials.

Scrap Ferrous Metal

We recycle your ferrous metals, which includes iron and iron alloy metals, or any magnetic metal. While ferrous metals are less valuable than nonferrous, they’re more plentiful. The most common ferrous metals are iron and steel, which are melted down and reused in various applications.

Scrap Nonferrous Metal

We specialize in recycling nonferrous metals in the industrial sector because these metals can be recycled indefinitely without significant degradation or loss of value. Nonferrous metals include any metal that isn’t magnetic or that contains no appreciable amount of iron. Aluminum is the most widely recycled nonferrous metal, but we also recycle many other common and less-known metals.

Scrap Metal From Electronics

We also recycle electronics, which aren’t necessarily metal but do contain recyclable metal components. Electronics recycling is less common in industrial sectors, but recyclable electronics can include laptops, PC towers, servers, hard drives, power supplies and circuit boards.

Schedule Free Scrap Metal Pickups

Drop off your recyclables at our scrap metal recycling center at 2751 McKinney Street, Mobile, AL. Our service area spans 150 miles around Mobile and Baldwin counties, so you may also be eligible for free scrap metal pickups. To find out if we provide industrial services in your area, consult this list or contact us at 251-470-0765 to learn how we can help with your recycling needs.