Metal Conservation In Alabama

two heaps of scrap metalMetal conservation preserves materials that have already been mined and processed for use. At ASM Recycling, Inc. , our specialists collect scrap metal at your commercial location and recycle it at our plant. We take our eco-friendly mission seriously and would be happy to add you to our list of valued clients.

Materials And Resources Conserved Through Commercial Recycling

Recyclable scrap metals include copper, aluminum, brass, steel and iron, which can be reused to make many new products. By recycling scrap metal, we help reduce waste while decreasing the need for additional mining for new metals. Once recycled, scrap metal is reused for a number of purposes in the home and manufacturing industry.

What We Pick Up For Metal Conservation

We pick up ferrous and nonferrous metals due to their nearly limitless life cycle. Nonferrous metals are nonmagnetic and include brass, lead, aluminum, copper, tin, nickel, stainless steel and zinc.

Ferrous metals are magnetic and include iron and steel. We recycle ferrous metals from steel structures, shipyards and machine shops. Ferrous metals aren’t as valuable as nonferrous metals, but recycling them reduces waste in landfills. The following are just some of the ways recycled scrap metal is used.

Manufacturing And Industrial Uses

In the US, recycled scrap metal is used to manufacture new items, such as building materials and appliances. You might be surprised to know that many common manufactured items contain a high percentage of scrap metal, including appliances, ductwork, plumbing and industrial containers.

With mined metals becoming scarce, scrap metal provides a cheap, renewable source of metal for manufacturers. Some of the scrap iron and aluminum we recycle is used heavily in the construction industry to help build roads and bridges. The transportation industry uses conserved metal to make aircraft, cars and other methods of transportation. Meanwhile, manufacturers are using scrap metal to detoxify industrial wastewater.

New And Stronger Metal Products

The recycled steel we collect is made into durable tools in an electric arc furnace. The same process produces stainless steel. Copper scrap is reforged into new products in a process that includes cycles in blast and reverberatory furnaces. Aluminum scrap metal melts at a much lower temperature than unprocessed aluminum, saving time and energy. In fact, that’s true of most recycled metals, which also cuts down on CO2 emissions. This protects the environment and yields economic savings that may result in lower prices.

Packaging Uses

Recycled aluminum and steel are used extensively in food packaging. Most canned goods include recycled metal, and many are entirely constructed of recycled materials. Within two months, recycled scrap metal may appear in supermarkets and stores as food or beverage containers. Further, recycled aluminum helps decrease the emission of greenhouse gases.

Home Uses

Scrap metal is used in many items around your home. ASM Recycling is happy to be part of the process that eventually leads to fixtures, furnishings and lighting made of recycled materials. Metal roofing materials are also often partially or entirely made of recycled material.

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