How ASM Recycling Can Benefit Your Machine Shop’s Bottom Line

If your local machine shop or fabrication plant generates scrap metal as a part of its routine operation, you may be able to transform those unsightly scrap piles into revenue. Construction and demolition companies can also take advantage of ASM’s recycling services to clear metal materials or demolition scrap and earn top dollar.

Whether your processes produce structural steel, carbon plate, stainless steel, or nickel alloys, ASM Recycling can help your business convert that extra material into more than a process byproduct.

This eco-friendly and economically savvy approach to managing scrap from manufacturing, construction, or clean-up projects can be a substantial component of your business strategy, offering benefits that extend well beyond the bottom line.

  • Turn your scrap into a routine source of revenue. The metals that remain after manufacturing – as well as demolition scrap from construction sites and excess or outdated inventory – can have significant value through recycling. And because ASM Recycling uses a state-of-the-art Niton gun that reads your scrap metal composition onsite, we can guarantee that you’re compensated adequately and precisely for your scrap metal, with specific compensation rates for individual metals. Our offers are competitive, and our mission is always to serve your needs.
  • Free up space… for free. ASM provides complimentary scrap pick-up service to the Mobile area – with as many roll-offs as necessary – to keep your shop or jobsite free of unsightly and possibly dangerous scrap. Roll off collection service and drop pickup is available in the area within 24-48 hours of your pick-up requests, so your business maintains plenty of space to keep operations running smoothly and remains in compliance with safety guidelines and regulations.
  • Impact your company’s reputation and the environment – In addition to the immediate financial benefits to your business, commercial recycling demonstrates a true commitment to the environment and sustainable operation of your business. Recycling reduces the demand for the production of new materials and reduces the amount of scrap metal in landfills. Because most metals can be recycled almost limitlessly with little or no deterioration, it’s an ongoing opportunity to operate your business as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

ASM recycles both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in any shape or quantity, everything from shavings and turnings to I-beams, including plate structural scraps which can be especially valuable. We recycle materials made from all types of metal, including:

  • Steel and iron, including high manganese steel from construction demolition projects
  • Copper, often from electrical wiring or cables from electrical projects
  • Aluminum, which is often used in aluminum extrusions from window and glass projects
  • Brass, which may come from plumbing fixtures
  • Stainless steel from machine shops in the form of shavings


For over a century, ASM Recycling has been serving the Gulf Coast region and Mobile, Alabama, with a range of trusted metal recycling services. Learn more about how our commercial recycling services can impact your company’s bottom line, as well as its reputation, at no cost to your company. Please contact Bonner Williams at 251-470-0765 to request a quote for your recyclables today.