ASM Recycling’s Commitment to Integrity

Operating with Integrity: ASM Adheres to Industry Legal and Ethical PracticesRecord-keeping

Recycling dates as far back as the fourth century BC, when ancient materials were frequently reused or re-melted due to the scarce availability of resources. In today’s world, recycling still plays a vital role in reducing pollution while also conserving energy and natural resources. In the United States alone, over 67 million tons of rubbish are recycled each year.

While many recycling companies hold themselves to a high ethical standard, others fall far short in obeying the law or maintaining integrity. This is particularly true when it comes to valuable scrap metal. Luckily, Mobile and the entire Gulf Coast region have ASM Recycling, the leading scrap metal recycling company in the area for over a hundred years. We’re proud to be the standard-bearer for integrity in this field with dedicated adherence to the industry’s numerous legal and ethical practices.

Metal Theft Laws

One of the main reasons ASM Recycling has been in business for so long is of strict observation of Alabama’s metal theft laws. In 2012, the Scrap Recyclers Association of Alabama (SRAA) consulted with Alabama lawmakers to create law HB 278. Since then, our team has cautiously followed all practices dictated by the state. These regulations include the refusal of any restricted properties outlined in Alabama code, such as grave markers, standalone catalytic converters, state property such as manhole covers, and any metals belonging to utility companies. In almost every occurrence, these types of metals have been stolen—and we do not accept stolen materials. Additionally, ASM does not accept any metal that has been painted or marked in order to hide theft, burned copper wiring with insulation removed, or ventilation fans such as those found in underground workspaces. These examples are also likely a result of stolen property.


The scrap metal statute does provide exemptions where it is warranted, such as those recyclers with official, documented business related to the metals being sold. For example, police officers acting in an official capacity are not restricted by the metal theft law. Furthermore, a bankruptcy trustee or will executor with official documentation is also exempt and may recycle metal. Other exemptions include public officials with court orders, utility company officials, funeral home directors or owners, and government entities. In all of these cases, ASM Recycling checks for official documentation and credentials before conducting business.

Recordkeeping and Reporting

One of the best aspects of Alabama’s metal theft law is the focus placed on recordkeeping. We have always been transparent about our excellent business practices, and our company continues to abide by the law that reiterates documentation of sales by Alabama recyclers. This documentation includes the name and address of the recycler, the date and time of the transaction, a general description of the metal type(s), and a signed statement documenting that the property being recycled isn’t stolen. Moreover, the documentation also asks for the name and address of the person delivering the metal in the event that it is different from the recycler, a copy of the delivering person’s driver’s license, and the tag number of the vehicle transporting the metal. These records are retained at each recycling establishment for one year, but recyclers are also required to transmit all of the documentation from each transaction to the ACJIC Database by 9 p.m. on the day of the sale. All of these recordkeeping and reporting efforts are in place to ensure that recycling companies such as ASM are maintaining strong business ethics and integrity.

ASM Recycling is Built on Ethics and Trust

Recycling is a crucial aspect of preservation and conservation, ensuring a healthy environment for many years to come. When considering your recycling needs, turn to ASM Recycling with the understanding that we are a company founded on integrity, morals, and honest business principles. Click here to schedule a pick-up today or call (251) 470-0765 to speak to a member of our team.